What we offer

Buzzworthy Designs offers Women's Boutique Clothing in sizes Small-3XL along with accessories & gifts made by other small businesses. With a plethora of colors, fabrics & styles, you are sure to find something you LOVE!

In our current collection, you'll find beautiful vibrant colors & great fabrics perfect for the Fall/Winter season.

Come see what the BUZZ is all about!

  • Meet the Owner

    My name is Sierra & I am the very proud owner of Buzzworthy Designs! I am the wife of an incredible, hardworking man & super blessed Mother of two pretty amazing kids.

    I was born & raised in Austin, TX & I love everything about Texas so you may see alot of "Texas related" items in the shop.

    I began Buzzworthy Designs in 2013 as more of a hobby when I became a SAHM a few years after I had my daughter.

    I had a kitchen table, some craft supplies & a dream..and Buzzworthy Designs was born!

    I knew one day I wanted to create something bigger than crafting handmade jewelry & making crafts (even though I truly love both).

    I set a goal and went affter it!

    In 2017 Buzzworthy Designs began creating vinyl designs on t-shirts (and anything else I could get my hands on).

    But again, I wanted more for my business.

    In 2018 I made my first wholesale purchase to begin shifting gears a bit & launching the boutique side of my business. February 2019 was that launch!

    Since I began Buzzworthy D all those years ago, I've always wanted a Mobile Boutique ..well in September 2020 (and during a pandemic) I purchased Rubee, my Buzz Bus & my dream came true!

    Thank you for supporting me, my dream & Buzzworthy D!

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